steph notices damian’s recent growth spurt

hi hello i am alive

tt, so this creature is supposedly “man’s best friend”?

i got a scanning app for my phone and it works pretty damn well if i do say so myself :)

if kara got a pixie cut

(aka miley, carey and jennifer haha)

some things never change

It’s finally winter break! I wasn’t sure that I could get all three of these colored by xmas so here’s the line art instead :o) 

winter selfy bc look at this sweater also my roommates and I have a xmas tree that’s behind my giant head but srsly i’ve had “all i want for xmas” on repeat for an hour HOW DO I HAVE THE CHRISTMAS SPIRIT SO BAD WHEN I DON’T EVEN CELEBRATE CHRITMAs

It’s a de-aged Rose Wilson!

another drawing for funkfried :)

commissioned by the wonderful funkfried :)

A playdate turns out to be more date than Bruce is okay with

Damian is not amused but Steph is making sure that he looks amused ;)

I recently hit a follower milestone and I just wanted to say that I appreciate and love each and every single one of you guys :’) 

thank you for being interested in my silly little drawings! It’s so great to know that people actually care to see my batfam doodles <3